Why Tara Only Sells Natural Diamonds

Don’t diminish the most monumental moment of your life with a man-made diamond.  Natural diamonds are universally adored and are an investment in telling someone how much you love and care about them. With a natural diamond engagement ring, you ask someone to spend their life with you. Consumers attach a high value to natural diamonds because of their rarity, beauty, emotional symbolism, and significance. This is why Natural Diamonds are among the most valuable of nature’s creations.

Natural diamonds are durable, as they are one of the only things you will ever purchase that don’t wear out when worn 24/7/365 for years, they typically don’t scratch, fade, or need maintenance. Incredibly, 95% of all diamonds will look just as good in 50 or 100 years as they did the day they were purchased. That is one reason people say, “Diamonds are forever.”  This further reinforces the value of natural diamonds.

Natural diamond jewelry has some of the highest resale values among all precious gems. A naturally mined diamond’s price is determined by how unique, rare, and brilliant it is. Naturally, since large-carat weight diamonds are much rarer than small-carat weight diamonds, their value is higher. In contrast, lab-grown diamonds have very little resale value because natural diamonds retain their worth across generations based on how unique, rare, and brilliant the diamond is. Many people have jewelry passed down from generation to generation, and natural diamonds have consistently increased in value throughout history. Lab-grown diamonds have no such prominence.

Additionally, a natural diamond has a rarity factor that enhances its worth. Natural diamonds will hold their value better than lab-grown diamonds because there is a finite supply. The basic laws of supply and demand maintain that as demand increases, especially with limited supply, the value goes up. Lab-grown diamonds are constantly being produced, which limits their value as supply is increased to meet demands, driving down lab-grown diamonds’ long-term value.  Essentially manufactured diamonds have no cap on their ability to be produced, rolling off the assembly line like a Tic Tac.

Some stores that are selling synthetic, manufactured laboratory diamonds are simply capitalizing on a short-term trading opportunity. They are not protecting their customers’ long-term interests by disclosing that what the consumer purchases have no value. The prices are crashing down on lab-grown diamonds.  Think of items that were once costly and are now worthless, such as Beanie Babies, and don’t forget the Franklin Mint products.  These items were bought by collectors, but their market value has decreased instead of increasing with time.

Many Lab-grown diamonds are being sold to customers without full disclosure that these manufactured diamonds they are purchasing for thousands of dollars will shrink to hundreds and even tens of dollars in value. Stores that are marketing synthetic man-made stones as the same as natural diamonds are operating dishonestly and unethically if they fail to disclose that these will have virtually zero value retention. This trend is no different from a few years back when laboratory-grown colored gemstones such as emeralds, sapphire, and rubies were marketed and became all the craze. These lab-grown gemstones now have no value.

As you can see, natural diamonds have proven to retain their value over time. They can even multiply in value, depending on their provenance or if they are high-quality fancy-colored diamonds.  Lab diamonds have not seen any significant increase in value and in many instances, the stones are worth less than the buyer paid initially.

Tara is committed to its reputation and will never compromise for a short-term profit. We value our customers and would never engage in such business out of respect for them. Tara does not facilitate the sale of synthetic diamonds in any way. We believe they are fraudulent products because of how they are marketed and sold to the public.

The name “Tara Fine Jewelry Co.” has the word “Fine” in its name. If a jeweler is selling you a synthetic stone, it can no longer herald itself as a “Fine” jeweler.

Real love deserves a REAL engagement ring, not costume jewelry!