Roberto Coin- Fine Italian Jewelry at Tara Fine Jewelry Co.

Roberto Coin is a prestigious jewelry designer and an innovative master of technology. Roberto was a successful hospitality industry professional, when in 1977, he decided to follow his passion into the fine jewelry world. He first found his calling in the Italian city known for its gold, Vicenza, near his boyhood home in Venice. By 1996, he had launched his brand with the introduction of the Appassionata Collection. The signature texture that defines this collection was two years in the making, as Roberto searched for the ingenuity that would allow woven gold to be as flexible as cloth. It was worth the wait; the result offers flowing links of golden boxes that hug the wearer’s skin. More than twenty years later, the Appassionata Collection is still a popular and fashionable collection today.

Roberto Coin’s jewelry is where technique meets beautiful design. In a constant search for innovation, Roberto Coin has always kept the wrist, fingers, ears, and neck in mind. His designs incorporate a signature—a small solo ruby hidden on the inside of bracelets, the posts of earrings, the bands of rings, and the clasps of necklaces. According to legend, a ruby, the king of the gemstones, kissing the skin enforces the wearer with longevity, peace, and good fortune. For the owner of Roberto Coin jewelry, knowing a hidden ruby inside your gorgeous gold jewelry is enough to produce that allure!

Strong ethics are also a hallmark of the Roberto Coin company, guaranteeing that all materials, metals, and gemstones are sourced through socially and environmentally responsible methods. It follows international treaties aiming to ensure that the origins of materials are exclusively conflict-free, respecting the fundamental principles of social and environmental ethics. Roberto Coin states, “Fashion is changeable. It is whimsical. Substance and style are not. Substance and style are part of us, of our life, in every moment and every expression. Our commitment to conflict-free materials is part of the substance that sustains the brand.”

Roberto Coin’s other collections offer classic and elegant lines partnered with cutting-edge inventions. Forever innovative in his use of gold, the Roberto Coin Venetian Princess Collection and the Princess Flower Collection feature 18k white and yellow strands twisted like rope into open-hatch and crisscross patterns. The Venetian Princess Flower Diamond Pendant exhibits the wonderfully crafted nature of Roberto Coin jewelry and is a perfect everyday piece she will cherish. The Princess Flower Diamond Earrings have twisted exterior borders and incorporate round diamonds into each petal. Strung along an 18k gold chain, like the Princess Flower Diamond Pendant, the jewelry in this collection is feminine with a hand-hewn appeal.

Roberto Coin is also a master of illusion. The Navarra collection creates the appearance of interlocking gold ovals, while the surface design is actually flat. This is a true jewelry engineering marvel and a magnificent look she will love. Inspired by the Navarra region of Spain, this collection interprets those cross-cultural influences as classic yet modern jewelry, modeled after traditional links but styled for a new millennium. The Navarra Diamond Bangle in 18k yellow gold with diamonds and its sister earrings, the Navarra Diamond 3 Link Drop Earrings, are excellent examples of this impressive technique and exquisite pieces your loved one is sure to cherish.


Within every Roberto Coin collection, you’ll find necklaces, rings, bracelets, and pendants that span a variety of tastes, and remain true to the brand’s design aesthetic. Tara Fine Jewelry Company in Buford, Georgia is honored to offer these esteemed objects of beauty to our customers. We’re happy to bring the Atlanta Metropolitan area  the finest  jewelry the world can offer, and to grow your collection with you. Visit Tara Fine Jewelry Company to explore the Roberto Coin collection in person, or shop online today.