William Henry’s Pre-historic Style in Today’s Modern World

For the William Henry designer brand, the term “timeless” is much more than an adjective that describes their style. “Timeless” to Matt Conable, founder and sole owner of William Henry, means going beyond the idea of classic design and venturing back to the Pre-Historic Era for inspiration. By integrating metals, gemstones, and fossil material into their designs, this luxury American brand has turned simple pocket knives and writing utensils into exotic forms of art. Art that is exclusively sold in a select number of stores, Atlanta’s favorite being Tara Fine Jewelry Company.

Known for their use of exotic fossil materials, William Henry is steadily growing to become one of the most prestigious brands in the world of Men’s fashion. So what fossils could a brand possibly use in their accessories? William Henry uses a variety of natural fossil materials that range from Walrus Tusk to Ocean Corals; however, their most exotic and beloved materials include: Mammoth Tusk, Mammoth Tooth, and Dinosaur Bone. The brand boasts that the Mammoth Tusk material found in their pieces is “literally the ring section of the fossil tusk” of a Woolly Mammoth that walked the Earth centuries ago, while the teeth material is the “cross-section cut from the molar tooth” of these extinct animals. While the Mammoth Tusk is just as exotic and hard to find, the Mammoth Tooth is more distinct in color and texture making it much more popular. However, this tooth material is much harder to work with being that it is composed of “striations that alternate between quartz-like material and softer layers,” but William Henry looked beyond the idea of impossible and found a way to incorporate one of the rarest substances on Earth into an accessory just for you.

If this rarity in composition wasn’t enough, Matt Conable and his designer brand have ventured back further in time and began incorporating Dinosaur Bone into their jewelry designs. With Dinosaur Bone being the most exotic of their fossil materials, the brand chooses to integrate these rare fossils into a small handful of their designs. The bone matter featured in these hand-chosen items comes from Apatosaurus fossils that date back 100 million years ago. This exceptionally rare material showcases a distinct quality of dark red grain, which is sure to stand out when compared to other materials in the fashion world. To ensure safety for it’s clientele and durability of these fragile substances, William Henry guarantees that each piece is resin-stabilized as an impact-resistant backing is used throughout the processing cycle. It is clear that innovative thinking and the use of rare substances has been the catalyst for the success of this remarkable brand.

As a luxury designer brand that is continuing to sky-rocket into the realms of success, the William Henry brand has achieved new heights in the world of Men’s fashion. The greatest promise any designer can offer it’s clientele is that their product is “one of a kind,” and this award-winning brand continues to deliver on that promise each and every day. Due to the extreme rarity of their materials, no two pieces from their line is the same. Each piece is truly one of a kind. So don’t worry about running into someone with the same money clip or similar cuff links. If it is a William Henry design, it was crafted solely for you.

Despite each piece being one of a kind and their jewelry featuring the rarest materials in the world, the best quality of the William Henry designer line is that they take tremendous pride in being an American brand. Even their rarest materials come from American soil, right in our backyards. Mammoth Tusks are often found in the depths of Alaskan waters, while Dinosaur Bones are often extracted from the dirt and grime of Utah. By supporting the William Henry brand, you are not only supporting the excavation of life on Earth but also an American business that embraces patriotism.

There is so much to be said about the William Henry luxury brand. Matt Conable has introduced a new level of innovative thinking; one that surpasses time and brings new life to what our modern world had classified as extinct. The marvelous blend of elite craftsmanship, exotic materials, and fully-functional mechanics has made William Henry items timeless in stature and truly remarkable in design. While these wonderful pieces might be exclusive and hard to come by, they are at your finger tips each and every day. Tara Fine Jewelry Company is one of the very few places you can find William Henry accessories. Stop by today to see the brand’s signature materials: Dinosaur Bone and Mammoth Teeth. Whether searching for a unique writing instrument or a stand out pocket knife, this award-winning brand is sure to provide you with an accessory that is crafted for your everyday use and but still timeless – never to be out of date or extinct – in it’s modern design.

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