Turn Up the Heat with Your Hot Summer Essentials

Summer is the season of picnics in the park, outdoor weddings, and tropical vacations. Traveling from here to there, these wonderful summer months always seem to find us on the go. So what is there to wear? During a time where floral tops, linen pants, and wedge sandals are all we seem to know, we need a touch of sparkle to transform those ordinary summer clothes into fashionable, runway-ready attire. By adding fun, brightly colored jewelry to your summer wardrobe, you are sure to make those hot days sizzle! At Tara Fine Jewelry Company, an Atlanta Jeweler with over 30 years of experience, we offer you the largest variety of fine jewelry that is radiant in color and luxurious in quality. To make a bold fashion statement this summer, you are going to need pieces that are the perfect blend of luxury and on-trend design. So what exactly makes the perfect summer accessory? Let’s look at 3 basic, but essential, summer styles that are sure to bring a spark of fiery personality to your summer wardrobe!

  1. Radiant 14k-18k Yellow Gold

While most of us spend the summer striving for the perfect golden tan, flaunting remarkable pieces of yellow gold will make you feel one step closer to that dream. Whether your jewelry features a hammered texture or a brush finish, radiant yellow gold is sure to compliment your outfit in a glowing way. When it comes to shopping for your golden accessories, quality pieces of 14k or 18k gold are always good investments. Yellow Gold of a higher karat promises greater luster and better up-keep when compared to the lesser variations of gold jewelry on the market. Think “quality over quantity” when looking for your season-long statement pieces. Now, what style should you wear? A 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Cuff Bracelet like this one is the perfect go-to bracelet for this season. Pair this fashionable bracelet with a solid, form-fitting dress and your outfit will beam with style in the hot summer nightlife.

  1. Nautical and Tropical Pendants and Charms

Showing your Summer Spirit is a great way to add a touch of pizzazz to your summer wardrobe. Ocean themed charms or a Palm Tree Pendant shows that vacation doesn’t have to come only once a year. By wearing tropical charms and pendants, you can carry paradise wherever your summer adventures take you. Don’t be afraid to dive into designs that show your infatuation with dolphins or your love of palm trees, but let’s not forget that luxury jewelry is always the way to stand out in the crowd. Pendants and charms made of stunning diamonds and radiant white gold will give your wardrobe the perfect balance of summer vacation and luxury craftsmanship.

  1. Colored Gemstones

Leave your Black Onyx accessories stashed away with your winter gloves and earmuffs. Its summertime, which means neon nail polish and bright colored gemstones! The best way to add a sparkle of luxury and color to your wardrobe this season is by pairing your outfits with the wonderful sparkle of shimmering gemstones.

Have fun mixing and matching various colored gemstones with your wardrobe. Pink Quartz and Green Emeralds look stunning on those with darker skin tones, Blue and Pink Sapphires are a gorgeous match for Platinum Blondes, and bright Mother of Pearl exudes timeless elegance with a flash of rainbow color that is perfect for everyone. The summer is about fun, vibrant living and what better way to show your vivacious spirit than luxury fine jewelry embedded with radiant gemstones. Want to make a high-fashion statement with your gemstone collection? Try one of these glorious pieces from your Atlanta Jeweler, Tara Fine Jewelry Company. Our luxurious fashion accessories are known for creative designs that experiment with light, shapes, and colors of all kinds. Pairing your favorite gemstone jewelry with fun shorts or a flowing sundress is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your casual summer attire.

Now that you know what to look for, where should you begin your search for these summer essentials? Stop by Tara Fine Jewelry Company for these brilliant pieces and much more at our Atlanta Jewelry Store, home to most fashionable Gemstone and Diamond Jewelry in Atlanta. We feature remarkable jewelry of the finest craftsmanship and most fashionable design. Come cool off this summer at Tara Fine Jewelry Company, where we offer a wonderful showcase of summer accessories as well as designer jewelry, Designer Swiss watches, and the most incredible Engagement Rings Atlanta has to offer. As Atlanta’s first choice for lavish jewelry, we guarantee that our pieces will make you a scorching-hot fashionista all season long!

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