Tilapia for Two

Two people who meet for dinner for the first time and order exactly the same entree must have a strong connection. That’s exactly what happened to Rachel Anderson and Miles Mason. They met on a blind date at Bahama Breeze and instantly felt a bond. They not only ordered exactly the same thing-Fresh sautéed Tilapia and a Bombay Smash drink (a soon-to-be signature cocktail at their wedding!) but also found they shared a lot of the same ideas and values.

Rachel, from Tennessee, attended Florida Southern University and got her master’s in exercise physiology at University of Tennessee.  Miles from Duluth, Georgia attended the University of Mississippi to become an IT analyst.

After a couple years of dating bliss, Miles picked out an oval shape diamond ring from Tara all by himself (well, maybe with a bit of help from his future mother-in-the-law!) He made sure it was flat on the bottom so Rachel could sport it while exercising.  On June 5th, the two were wed in Whitesville, Kentucky on a man-made lake that Rachel’s family had built themselves. They two then flew to Hawaii for their honeymoon.

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