The Ins and Outs of Your Diamond BFF!

If Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, isn’t it time for you to find out which Diamond will be your Best Friend for Life! You know, that one extraordinary Diamond that you could never part with; the one that has fulfilled all your Diamond dreams. Knowing the ins and outs of Diamond shapes will give you a better idea of what you’re looking for when it comes to finding your Diamond BFF.

Now when it comes to understanding the true science behind Diamonds and their shapes, no one is more qualified than the jewelry experts at Tara Fine Jewelry Company. Not to sound conceded — but being an authorized dealer for Forevermark Diamonds and always offering the best selection of Diamond Engagement Rings in Atlanta, the experts here at Tara have certainly learned a lot about Diamonds over the years! Now our expert jewelers want to pass their knowledge to you! Learn for yourself the intricate details of every Diamond known to man. When you’re done reading this, you are sure to know your Diamond BFF inside and out!


Round Brilliant

  • The most popular Diamond shape in the history of Diamonds!ROUND BRILLIANT & PRINCESS CUT & CUSHION
  • Gives you tons of options and flexibility when it comes to cut, color, and clarity combinations
  • Flaunts 57-58 facets and is known for its fire and brilliance — hints the name “Round Brilliant”
  • Described as classic, timeless, and traditional

A Round Brilliant Diamond is loyal and always there for you! You can depend on it to always be in style.


Princess Cut

  • Considered the second most popular Diamond shape
  • A favorite for engagement rings with a non-round center stone
  • Commonly seen in a traditional square-shape, but sometimes can be found in a rectangular-shape as well
  • Works well with almost any style ring, while keeping the price low
  • Dapper and sophisticated, with a touch of unique beauty

Princess Cut Diamonds promise to make you feel like a much-adored Princess – having the best of everything!


Cushion Cut

  • Has the nickname “Pillow Cut”
  • One of the newest, but hottest, Diamond trends in the world of bridal jewelry
  • Appears in a square or rectangle shape with rounded corners
  • Showcases large facets that dazzle with extra brilliance!
  • Always described as modern and feminine

A Cushion Cut Diamond is sure to bring you out of your shell. No time to be shy, it’s all about embracing your flirty, feminine side!



  • Also called the “tear drop” diamond
  • Showcases one tapered end, while the other end features a smooth, round edge
  • Comes available in a variety of cuts from slim to wide
  • Has the ability to conceal the depth of certain inclusions — it’s like it has its own concealer!
  • Promises a slimming look to a wide finger, and an elongated look to short fingers
  • Perfect illustration of contemporary style and whimsical grace

Pear-shape Diamonds can find the good in everything! No matter the circumstances, a Pear-Shape Diamond will always paint you in a positive light!



  • Men have the tendency to call it the “Football Diamond”
  • Has many similarities to the Oval-Shape Diamond but features two pointed ends
  • A long crown surface and slender, narrow shape makes the Diamond appear much larger than it really is!
  • Legend says that the Diamond got its name from Marquise of Pompadour, a woman that infatuated King Louis XIV so much that he allegedly asked for a Diamond to be fashioned in the shape of her mouth!
  • Often viewed as dramatic, fearless, and sensual

A Marquise Diamond pushes you to the edge – the edge of sensuality and untamed, lavish beauty!



  • Displays an elongated oval shape, while flaunting the brilliance of a Round Brilliant Diamond!
  • Length and shape makes it look bigger than its actual carat weight
  • Can make you look skinny by accentuating long fingers and making the entire hand look slimmer!
  • Only way to describe this Diamond: vibrant and unforgettable!

Oval-shape Diamonds dare you to be different, imaginative, and of course unforgettable – bringing out the best in you!


Emerald Cut

  • Features a rectangle shape with rectangular step facets in the pavilion
  • Fewer facets and unique facet cuts create a hall-of-mirrors effect within the Diamond
  • Open table and long lines emphasize the true clarity of the Diamond — you’ll definitely want to invest in a high quality stone with this one!ROMANTIC DIAS
  • Was originally developed for emerald gemstones, hints it’s name
  • Epitome of elegance, grace, and the glamorous fashion of years past!

An Emerald Cut Diamond will keep you grounded, never letting you forget who you are or where you come from!


Asscher Cut

  • Showcases cuts and facets identical to an Emerald Cut Diamond, but all shown in a darling square-shape
  • Features large step facets, high crown, and cropped corners — cropped corners give the illusion that the Diamond is an octagon and not actually square
  • Created by the Asscher Brothers of Holland, famous for cutting the world’s largest rough stone – a 3,106CT Diamond called the “Cullinan”
  • Extremely popular in the 1920’s but has made a recent comeback in today’s vintage-obsessed fashion world!
  • Considered the dainty version of an Emerald Cut Diamond
  • Flaunts an eccentric, vintage-style look!

Asscher Cut Diamonds are a pleasant reminder of your childhood – the sweet, fun-loving innocence you had years ago!


Radiant Cut

  • Flaunts a square-like, sometimes rectangular, shape with trimmed corners
  • Considered the middle ground between Princess Cut and Cushion Cut
  • A Brilliant-cut facet pattern is seen in both crown and pavilion
  • Looks great with round or square side stones
  • Exudes a posh sense of style with a twang of charm!

You can always trust a Radiant Cut Diamond to go-with-the-flow! Charming and easy-going, Radiant Cut Diamonds can adapt to anything!



  • Displays the unmistakable symbol of love: a heart!
  • Symmetry is everything! The two halves need to be identical
  • When buying heart-shape, go big or go home! Anything less than .50CT and you’ll hardly see the heart outline
  • The perfect showcase of romance and devotion!

Heart-shape Diamonds are loyal and committed, never letting you lose sight of what matters most: showing love to everyone!


Now that you know Diamond shapes inside and out, it’s time to find your BFF! Your other half is out there somewhere. Need a nudge in the right direction? Tara Fine Jewelry Company carries all of these gorgeous Diamond shapes. Who knows? Your BFF might be right here in Buford, Georgia. Stop by Tara Fine Jewelry Company today to see the most beautiful Diamonds and Diamond Engagement Rings Atlanta has to offer! We’d love to meet you, and our enchanting Diamonds certainly would too!

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