The Henri Daussi Designer Line: A Cut Above the Rest

The Henri Daussi designer brand has been in the jewelry business for over 60 years, making it a well-respected and much-adored jewelry brand. What is it that sets Henri Daussi apart from other luxury jewelry brands? Their diamonds! Yes, Henri Daussi offers the world remarkable diamonds that are cut and designed by years of family experience; a quality that Buddy Anderson and Eddie Hazan – owners of Tara Fine Jewelry Company – can both relate to and understand. Starting as two friends with an interest in fine jewelry and an entrepreneurial spirit, Buddy and Eddie built Tara Fine Jewelry Company from the ground up. Establishing a thriving business near Atlanta, Georgia that has lasted for over 30 years, Tara Fine Jewelry proudly supports quality designer brands like Henri Daussi that share a similar story of vision and hard work.

For Henri Daussi Loots, founder of the Henri Daussi designer brand, diamond cutting quickly became much more than a small family business in Antwerp, Belgium. The company grew expeditiously because of the excellent craftsmanship and design found in each diamond. So what exactly makes the Henri Daussi diamond so unique? Everyone wants a big diamond to flaunt on their finger, and Henri Daussi found a way to give us all what we want.

Over the past several decades of diamond cutting, Henri Daussi has perfected the artistic skill of cutting diamonds, transforming them from rough stone to exquisite, faceted gems. Remarkable craftsmanship allows the diamond cutters to create diamonds that all seem to be one-of-a-kind. First, each stone is carefully selected and polished before presenting it to the Loots Family for inspection. With specific instructions on the diamonds dimensions, the rough diamonds are then taken to the master diamond cutters where they work their magic. Precise placement of facets on each diamond is their charm and beautifully handcrafted mounting works as their enchantment. In the end, we are left fawning over a signature Henri Daussi ring with a center diamond that is cut to appear much larger than the original stone.

Signature Diamonds like the Daussi Cushion Diamond are truly remarkable in design and quality. Being a much wider and unique take on the traditional cushion cut diamond, this signature stone illustrates an innovative style that is truly unmatched. To understand the full beauty of the exclusive Henri Daussi diamonds you must see one for yourself. Stop by Tara Fine Jewelry Company, and we will gladly present to you our new collection of Henri Daussi Engagement and Wedding Rings. You will marvel at the spectacular beauty of these rare, precious diamonds!

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