Spring Clean Your Jewelry Box

Any one up for a little spring cleaning? Most of us are dreading the endless hours of sorting and sanitizing, but there is one form of spring cleaning that you are sure to enjoy. In fact, your friends here at Tara Fine Jewelry Company don’t consider it cleaning as much as it is shopping! Yes, cleaning out your jewelry box has many perks that you might not be aware of. Check out our spring cleaning to-do list. These three easy-to-follow tips are sure to leave your jewelry box clean, organized, and updated with beautiful jewelry designs that are fun, new, and sparkly!

1. Sell Your Pot of Gold!

Those old, worn-down gold accessories that you’re no longer wearing can turn up a bit of a profit for you. Find a local jeweler near you that is willing to buy your gold and use the money to update your jewelry collection. Located in Buford, Georgia, Tara Fine Jewelry Company will buy all of your gold, as well as your unwanted silver, platinum, and Diamonds 1/2CT or higher. So sell those vintage gold coins and trade-in those 90’s gold chains. You can use the money towards upgrading your jewelry collection with items that are much more modern and chic! Cleaning out those aged accessories can certainly have a major pay-off for you this season.

2. If it’s Broke, Fix It!

One of the biggest mistakes jewelry addicts make is once an item is broken we shove it to the back of our jewelry box never letting it see the light of day. Not only does this keep you from rocking one of your favorite accessories, but it also takes up unwarranted space in your jewelry box making things cluttered and difficult to sort through. Our solution: get it fixed! A broken clasp should not force you to quarantine your favorite necklace. Many jewelry items come with a warranty that will allow you to get the item fixed for no cost at all, but local experienced jewelers can also do a quality job of fixing your jewelry items for a minimal cost as well.

So now that we’ve discussed broken jewelry items, let’s talk about ways to be proactive with your accessories. If there are pieces that you love or pieces that you wear everyday, having a little maintenance work done is always a good idea for spring cleaning.  Have a jeweler check the prongs of your Wedding Ring, clean and polish your Tennis Bracelet, and replace the battery in your watch. You’ll be amazed how taking in your jewelry items for proper maintenance and care can make each item look and feel brand new!

3. Out with the Old, In with the New!

Our favorite part of spring cleaning is upgrading a ring or necklace mounting. What do we mean? Well many of us love our Center Diamonds, but overtime the mounting has either lost its appeal, has gone out of style, or both. Our recommendation is to place that darling center stone into something new. Ladies, you might have adored your Two-Tone Engagement Ring 10 years ago, but why not take that spectacular center Diamond and upgrade to a new, more luxurious mounting. The great part about this spring cleaning tip is that you will have a brand new Wedding Ring for only a small fraction of the cost! Spring cleaning isn’t just about re-organizing and sanitizing, it’s also about making room for something new. This year you deserve something grand and sparkly, so here’s to letting go of that old ring mounting and embracing a new, more glamorous Wedding Ring – a ring that still flaunts the center stone you fell in love with years ago.

It’s no secret that spring cleaning can be a hassle, but the good thing is that in between all the shifting and tidying up there are definitely some fun aspects to it. Finding yourself a new go-to accessory for this season or treating yourself to a newly upgraded wedding ring is certainly a benefit to spring cleaning. So if you’re ready for this spring season and looking to update and upgrade your jewelry box, we say come visit Tara Fine Jewelry Company’s beautiful store in Buford, Georgia. As an experienced jeweler that services all of Metro-Atlanta, we carry fashionable fine jewelry and luxury Swiss-Watches. Find something new, chic, and fresh for this season! Visit Tara Fine Jewelry Company today.

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