Samantha Scores!

One of the greatest perks of working in the jewelry industry is that one never grows tired of looking at the wonderful sparkle of the beautiful diamonds and gemstones. No matter how much time is spent behind the showcases of jewels they still manage to captivate and entice. But even more so the most incredible perk of the jewelry business is hearing the heartfelt stories of the special people and occasions that motivate people to buy jewelry. Because Tara Fine Jewelry Company is a family owned business we truly invest in the people who walk through the doors. Through our 28 years of business we have come to know many family members through helping them commemorate the scores of birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, weddings and just moments of love.

One special family that Tara Fine Jewelry Company has developed a wonderful relationship with is the Russells. For years they have shopped the store for special occasions, but this year they had an extra special occasion to celebrate. The Russels’ daughter, Samantha, who has dedicated much of her teenage years to practicing and perfecting her tennis skills, was recently awarded a prestigious tennis scholarship to Wofford College. Her parents, James and Sherry, were so thrilled with her accomplishments they decided to present her with a special gift. Once again the staff at Tara Fine Jewelry Company was privileged with helping to find the perfect present for this extraordinary girl and her wonderful achievement.

After much consideration it was decided that a gorgeous diamond cross necklace would be perfect for Samantha. So not only did Samantha have the thrill of her signing day with Wofford, but she also had the thrill of commemorating that amazing day with the gift of a beautiful diamond cross pendant. It is a gift she will always treasure and a special reminder of how her years of hard work truly paid off in a tremendous way. And yes Mom Sherry confirmed that “Samantha absolutely loves the diamond cross necklace they chose.”

Samantha, we congratulate you for your dedication, and we wish you the very best in your coming years at Wofford. We also recognize that behind every committed young athlete is a support system that has also devoted much time and effort. So to James and Sherry, and even Savannah, we congratulate you too on having a great return on your years of investment. We truly appreciate you letting your friends here at Tara Fine Jewelry Company be a small part in celebrating this special day for your family.

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