Quite the “EnGAGEment” Story

Cassidy Hoehn and Megan Albright met while she was working in the administrative department of a hospital in Athens, Georgia. Cassidy handled computer inventory systems and Megan was undergoing a dual M/A in hospital administration and business. They became friendly and one day Cassidy invited himself over to Megan’s to watch the Clemson vs. Duke basketball game (Cassidy hails from Clemson). Clemson won that night but Cassidy was the real winner as he started dating Megan. After a year’s time, Megan really wanted a puppy but Cassidy thought this was a big commitment. He eventually caved in the sweetest of ways. While doing a family photo shoot with the Albright’s, Cassidy surprised Megan with not only the puppy she had longed for (English lab) but a proposal. The dog’s collar read “enGAGEment” which not only delivered the message well but lead the pup to being named Gage. It didn’t hurt that Cassidy also placed a Tacori round brilliant cut diamond on her finger! This past October the two were wed at a winery in Georgia followed by a beautiful honeymoon in Cancun, Mexico.

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