Peek into the Future: Engagement Ring Trends of 2016

If you could peek into a crystal ball for next year’s fashion trends, what do you think you would see in the category of bridal jewelry? Wondering if the adored halo-style will still be relevant? What about those pear-shaped Diamonds? Well, our insightful fashionistas here at Tara Fine Jewelry Company are happy to give you a sneak-peek at next year’s hottest trends in the world of bridal fashion. We have compiled a list of the 4 hottest trends you will see as next year’s wedding season approaches. Gentlemen, take notes! These next 4 trends will not only make your shopping trip much easier, but will also give you some insight on what your special lady really wants.

Rose Gold

Here comes brilliant Rose Gold down the wedding aisle! Rose Gold, sometimes referred to as pink gold, continues to take the modern fashion world by storm. So it is not surprising to see this beautiful pink shade of gold make a name for itself in the world of bridal jewelry. Designer lines such as Tacori and Simon G. have premiered several designs that feature 18k Rose Gold as the precious metal of choice for their luxury Engagement Rings. Don’t write off Rose Gold as being a simple fad only for fashion-statement jewelry! It seems this unique color of gold is here to stay, and may even surpass white gold as the precious metal of choice for engagement rings for years to come.

Colored Gemstone Accents

Looking for a pop of color that isn’t necessarily Rose Gold? Try a colored gemstone for a radiant beam of color. Celebrities have been wearing gemstone Engagements Rings for years. Kate Middleton showed off an exquisite 18CT Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring, while Jessica Simpson sported a 5CT Ruby Engagement Ring. Now before our male readers blow a fuse, let us mention that most women are not expecting you to propose with a 10CT Green Emerald Ring. However, you can make your beautiful lady feel like a million bucks while giving her a unique ring with a splash of color. Accent gemstones can go a long way! Not only do they add a sense of individuality, but they also give a unique flare of luxury to your special lady’s Engagement Ring. For a woman with a vibrant personality and a fearlessly bold style, gemstone accents might just be the way to her heart!

Elaborate Profiles

Professional jewelers around the world deserve a standing ovation for this next big trend! Profiles, or side-views, of Engagement Rings are showcasing more detail than they ever have before. This exquisite detailing gives you a more intricate, more detailed ring to show off. This beautiful addition to bridal jewelry also allows for more luxury. Many designers are now incorporating Diamond accents, beading or swirl engravings, and elaborate filigree to the profile of their Engagement Ring designs. Simple filigree detailing on the gallery of a ring can make a simple, dapper Engagement Ring an extraordinary piece of art. A ring with a detailed side-view is a sure winner for any woman that appreciates creative design and outstanding luxury!

Stackable Bands

The biggest upcoming trend in the world of bridal jewelry is, without a doubt, Stackable Bands! As you might have noticed on red carpets, fashion runways, and every jewelry retailer, fashion Stackable bands have become a huge hit in the world of women’s fashion. Thus, it is no surprise that this trend spilled over into bridal jewelry. So what’s the big deal? Women have always worn Wedding Sets that feature both an Engagement Ring and matching bands. What makes Stackable Bands so much better? The answer is quantity! With Stackable Bands, you are not limited to adding just one or two matching bands to your Engagement Ring. You can add countless bands in different shapes, sizes, and colors. This new trend gives each woman a freedom of expression in her Wedding Ring and a license to create a new bridal style that is all her own. To all you lucky guys that have already proposed and have a gorgeous woman wearing your Engagement Ring, let her have one more special gift: the gift of creating her own symbol of love! If you want to make your special lady happy, let her be herself and love her just for who she is.

So now that we know what to expect for next year’s Engagement Rings, where can we find these upcoming trends? Our suggestion is to embrace the idea of designer bridal jewelry. Designer lines are sure to keep up with current fashion trends, so buying designer gives you a guarantee that your new Engagement Ring won’t be out of date within the next year. Now, most people shun the idea of designer jewelry out of fear of the price tag, so we suggest researching for an authorized dealer near you – a dealer that upkeeps the integrity of the piece but can offer you a better deal. Tara Fine Jewelry Company is an authorized dealer for some of your favorite bridal designer lines, including: Henri Daussi, Forevermark, J.B. Star, Jack Kelege, Ritani, and Tacori. We carry a variety of designer Engagement Rings as well as our custom-design bridal jewelry. So if you see love, happiness, and “I Do’s” in your future, come visit us at Tara Fine Jewelry Company. We will help you find an on-trend Engagement Ring that is sure to make her smile and jump-start your beginning to your happily ever after!

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