Mother’s Day Gifts Mom Secretly Hates – and Easy Alternatives for You!

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and of course you’re starting to think of the best gift to get Mom. Well, your friends here at Tara Fine Jewelry Company are about to make gift-shopping so much easier. We’re going to give you the inside-scoop on the gifts Mom secretly hates. Don’t worry if you find your gift idea on our list. We’re going to share with you some gift alternatives that’ll be easy to find and will surely make Mom happy!

1. Decorative Crystal & Glass figurines

It’s no secret that most women love something sparkly, so it became a huge Mother’s Day trend to gift Mom a shimmering Crystal. While this might seem like a good idea; for Mom, the gift is only something pretty to look at. She can’t use it as nothing more than decoration.

Alternative: Surprise her with a Diamond Pendant Necklaces

It’s the perfect compromise! The Diamond Pendant gives you the figurine-shape you were looking for, while the beautiful chain and design makes this present a gift Mom can wear everyday. It also promises her the sparkle and shine that every woman dreams of! The best part for you is that most stores tend to showcase some of their lowest prices during holidays like Mother’s Day. You can count on your friends at Tara Fine Jewelry Company, Atlanta’s favorite jeweler, to feature fresh new designs at incredible prices just in time for our Mother’s Day shoppers!

2. Singing cards

A few years back, one of the biggest gift trends became the infamous singing card. It started as a unique way to personalize something that had become so standard. Now this once fun trend has lost its flare and creativity. Truth be told, Mom is tired of hearing the same songs, and most card buyers are growing tired of seeing their double-the-price greeting cards thrown out just like any average, non-singing card.

Alternative: Engrave her favorite Accessories

Make it personal with engraving! That watch Mom loves can go beyond fashion and carry with it immeasurable sentiment. Now we’re not just talking about engraving Mom’s name on the piece. One of the most heartfelt ways to show your love is to engrave a line from a song you two share, a quote that embodies her spirit, or even a brief note of thanks. Trust us, engraving can make something old feel brand new and even better than it was before!

3. Wall Calendars

Mom won’t say this one out loud, but she’s over the puppy and kitten calendars. While we’re sure she loves looking at their cute little faces, in today’s world a simple calendar has become obsolete. We know that Mom is a busy woman that’s always on the go. So she needs an organizer she can take with her. She can’t rely on some glossy paper calendar pinned to a wall at the home office anymore.

Alternative: Treat her to a handy-dandy Day Planner & Montblanc Pen

A gift Mom can use is the gift Mom wants. So we suggest a day planner that will help Mom keep herself on schedule and give her peace of mind, something we all need Mom to have! The key to picking out the perfect Day Planner is making sure it has space for her to write all of her notes while still being small enough to fit in her purse. Take this gift idea to the next level by surprising her with a planner from her favorite designer – Coach, Prada, Louis Vitton, etc. You can also pair this thoughtful gift with a luxurious Writing Instrument, like a Montblanc Pen. Here at Tara Fine Jewelry Company, we feature Montblanc Pen’s that Mom will truly adore because they are durable, stylish, and showcase a smooth flow of ink. When it comes to Mother’s Day gifts, a Day-Planner & a Montblanc Pen are two peas in a pod!


Now you’ve got some great new ideas for what to get Mom this Mother’s Day! And of course you can never go wrong with surprising Mom with beautiful fine jewelry. So if this is the year Mom gets a new Diamond Bracelet or a beautiful Gemstone Necklace, come shop with the jewelry experts here at Tara Fine Jewelry Company. With over 30 years of experience, Tara Fine Jewelry is Atlanta’s Jewelry Store that promises quality jewelry of the utmost sparkle and shine. For that unforgettable Mother’s Day gift, trust the jewelers at Tara Fine Jewelry Company in Buford to help you find exactly what Mom has been wishing for!

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