How to Dazzle-Up Your Office Wardrobe

Trying to find a new way to spice up your office wardrobe can be difficult. Too colorful and you’re unprofessional; too sensual and it’s inappropriate. So what can you do to make button downs and slacks fashionable? The answer is simple: Accessorize! Yes, topping business attire with a little fine jewelry is a great way to make yourself stand-out while still
remaining classy and professional. The trick to this luxurious sense of style is finding tasteful jewelry designs that are fashionable and versatile – and maybe feature a little Diamond sparkle if you’re in a jazzy mood. The jewelry experts at Tara Fine Jewelry Company have learned a thing or two over the years about what can make or break your high-fashion look at the office, so check out these glamorous jewelry designs that are sure to please both you and your conservative bosses!

Diamond Chains and Lariat NecklacesLariat Necklace - TARA

Diamond Chains and Lariat-style Necklaces are a great way to show a fashion-forward sense of style that never compromises on quality or beauty. Diamond Chain Necklaces can vary in length. For a dainty look to compliment your favorite blouse, a 16/18” chain will make the perfect add-on accessory, giving you a subtle amount of sparkle. If you’re looking for a more dramatic look, an opera length necklace – commonly measured between 30-40” long – will be a great go-to accessory whenever you want to make a bold fashion statement. A Lariat-style Necklace is one of the hottest fashion trends you could wear at the office. Its unique design morphs the traditional Diamond pendant necklace with the striking yet elegant look of an elongated chain necklace. This marvelous, on-trend design makes a wonderful pairing to an open cardigan or a low-cut blouse. These versatile and stylish designs promise a spectacular touch of sparkle that can be worn with anything and everything!

ROSE GOLDRose Gold Accessories

One of the most frustrating aspects of office attire is that you’re often limited in the colors you wear. Save your lavender tops and floral skirts for the weekend. Monday through Friday the color of the day is black. So how do we take our boring all-black attire and make it fun? Our suggestion is bright, radiant, unforgettable rose gold! This extraordinary gold metal showcases a brilliant pink hue that is as modern as it is glamorous. When it comes to rose gold in the work place, we say go bold or go home! This vibrant pinkish gold deserves to be in the spotlight, so yes you can have rose gold studs tucked underneath your hair but why not go for a more striking look. Sport lavish Rose Gold Fashion Rings with your blazers and pair your knee-length dresses with Rose Gold Stackable Bangles. This vivacious sense of style is exactly what you need to make a Monday morning feel like a Friday afternoon.

Unconventional Pearl Necklaces

The timeless beauty of a pearl strand necklace is a classic add-on that is ideal for any and every occasion. So how do you take a necklace that is considered traditional, even old-fashioned, and make it a modern accessory that is fun for the work place? Our answer: wear it in an unconventional way! Try stacking pearl strands of various sizes together or layer your pearls with Diamond Pendant Necklaces, like Rihanna famously did at the launch party for her new fragrance, RiRi. One of our favorite non-traditional pearl designs has to be an Opera Length Pearl Strand. The elongated design of these wonderfully made necklaces displays a classy, sophisticated look but still screams: “I’m an individual. I am unique. And I am certainly one of a kind!” This extravagant design goes great with a button-down top or a fitted blazer. Want to show a hint of sensuality with your pearls? Pop open a button or two when wearing this marvelous pearl strand and you’ll have a fabulous look that will have everyone thinking: “She has certainly dazzled up her office wardrobe!”

The best thing about these everyday fashion trends is that they’re not too hard to find. No matter you’re location, you can certainly find these beautiful jewelry designs near you. If you’re in the Atlanta area, you’re certainly in luck because Tara Fine Jewelry Company carries all of these breath-taking jewelry designs. As an Atlanta jeweler with over 30 years of experience, Tara Fine Jewelry Company features a wonderful selection of fashionable, high quality fine jewelry for a price you’ll have to see to believe. If spicing up your office wardrobe is on this week’s agenda, visit Tara Fine Jewelry Company in Buford, Georgia for the best selection of trend-setting fine jewelry!

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