From Roll Tide to New Bride

      The University of Alabama has not only turned out 3 national championships in recent years, it is also the stomping grounds for its newest bride and groom, Memorie Bailey and Mark English. Enthusiastic Alabama fans and avid tailgaters, these former “Roll Tiders” met as students 3 years ago through mutual fraternity friends. As fate would have it, both were emerging from some rough patches in their lives and neither was particularly seeking a relationship, but they quickly found support in each other’s company and enjoyed spending more and more time together. It also didn’t take long for Mark’s dad and friends to notice that not only were Mark and Memorie growing closer, but she was also quite a great influence on Mark’s grades!

     In fact, Mark’s grades were now so good he was actually accepted into law school. But, school aside, Mark still had one more important thing on his agenda before checking out a law school in Charleston. On his drive from Birmingham, Mark made a once-in-a-lifetime decision to stop at Tara Fine Jewelry Company for a very special purchase. Although Tara was a 2-hour drive away, Mark’s dad was a longtime Tara customer and highly recommended the store to Mark. Armed with pictures from Memorie’s Pinterest notes, Mark set out to buy the ideal engagement ring. Finding a beautiful one-carat princess cut diamond set in a gorgeous diamond-studded band, Mark now began to devise the perfect moment to present Memorie with this incredible ring. Always returning to where their favorite moments together were, Mark came up with a foolproof plan to surprise Memorie with this amazing diamond ring in the most ideal location.

     With the help of his mom, dad, and sister, Mark was able to lure Memorie to their favorite tail-gating spot under the premise that he needed to check it out for the A-Day game coming up that weekend. Initially, Memorie thought their claimed spot had been taken by someone else when she saw the tent already erected, but she soon realized that this was a special surprise from Mark. Inside, a table was set with desserts and champagne, and Mark asked her to marry him right there at their most treasured spot. Memorie was totally surprised and was thrilled that Mark found the perfect ring without ever needing to consult her.

     Memorie and her mom then set out to plan a memorable “Gone with the Wind” styled wedding. They were able to secure a picturesque antebellum-designed house set in front of an idyllic lake where they exchanged their “I do’s” with great southern columns standing tall in the background. Flanked by a grand wedding party of 8 bridesmaids and groomsmen, as well as 8 honorary bridesmaids, Memorie and Mark enjoyed a perfect day with friends and relatives gathered together in Memorie’s ideal setting.

     Topping off their perfect wedding with an unforgettable week in Martha’s Vineyard, Memorie and Mark are now ready to settle down in their Birmingham home. Sharing quarters with their 117-pound German shepherd, they are busy with their pup and with Mark’s final years of law school and Memorie’s new public relations position.

     We couldn’t be happier for Tara’s newest bride and groom! How ironic that a beautiful “Gone with the Wind” wedding was crowned with a gorgeous ring from “Tara”. In true Southern fashion, we hope “ya’ll” have a lifetime of happiness together.

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