Forevermark’s Promise to Go Beyond the 4C’s

If you have ever gone shopping for a luxury Diamond; more than likely, you have ran across a Forevermark Diamond once or twice, as high-end jewelers like Tara Fine Jewelry Company are always raving about the beauty of Forevermark Diamonds. A designer brand from The De Beers Group of Companies, the prestigious Forevermark brand has gained much success over the years due to its focus on producing quality over quantity. A major part of the Forevermark charm is the promise that every Diamond is “beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced,” but it doesn’t stop there. The other half of Forevermark’s alluring appeal stems from the undeniable beauty and transparency seen in all of their Diamonds. When looking at a Forevermark Diamond with the naked eye, its beauty is clearly a cut above the rest. So what does this company do differently than all other Diamond jewelers? The answer: they think beyond the 4Cs.

All graded Diamonds in the industry are assessed for what is called the 4Cs – color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. While Forevermark abides by these same criteria, they made the choice not to settle for the bare minimum. Instead they raised the bar, and began applying additional criteria throughout their Diamond assessment process to ensure that only the most beautiful Diamonds would carry the Forevermark label.

Let’s dig into what truly makes a Forevermark Diamond beautiful! According to The Forevermark World, there are three key areas where Forevermark goes the extra mile to ensure Diamond quality and beauty:

Rough Diamond

First, they assess the inherent quality of the rough Diamond. Forevermark absolutely insists that all rough Diamonds must come from a trusted source. The company has established various business, social, and environmental benchmarks that all of their mining sources must uphold to because Forevermark does not believe that the mining business should negatively affect the local community in any way. Not only does the mining source of the Diamond need to be credible, but the Diamond itself cannot have any inclusions, cloudy or milky appearance, or a muddy exterior. All of these qualities are said to diminish the brilliance of the Diamond and its ability to reflect light. In other words, a dull rough Diamond is sure to produce an even duller center stone to your Engagement Ring.


To the Forevermark brand, polishing is everything! It can either make or break the Diamonds ability to reflect light which in turn can keep it from being labeled a Forevermark Diamond. Due to the company’s high expectations for quality polishing, they always reject Diamonds that have been polished against its natural direction on the polishing wheel. The excessive heat from this forceful type of polishing ultimately burns the Diamond, resulting in a stone that is less transparent and obstructs the passage of light. If any damage or any laser holes appear on the stone, Forevermark immediately rejects it as a potential Diamond candidate. To guarantee that every Diamond has been polished correctly, Forevermark Diamonds are tested to ensure that it can reflect and refract light into the colors of the rainbow. If the Diamond is not found at the end of a rainbow, the prospective Diamond is out of the running to be part of the Forevermark dynasty.


A beautiful Diamond Ring or Necklace doesn’t mean anything if your stones are always chipped or broken, so Forevermark decided to make durability and longevity a top priority. When compared to other Diamond jewelers, Forevermark’s cutting and polishing standards far exceed the industry norm. Any Diamond that has been cut with a thin girdle, shallow crown, or steep pavilion is rejected due to its susceptibility to chipping, breakage, and abrasions. While Forevermark does not allow a thin girdle, its high standards also does not allow for a thick girdle. The excess weight affects the proportions and beauty of the Diamond, so Forevermark places rigid measurements on the cut of each Diamond so that their promise of “beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced” also comes with a guarantee of long-lasting durability.

Just as Forevermark Diamonds are known to carry a unique – invisible to the eye – inscription, it is clear that the Forevermark brand has placed its own mark on the jewelry industry as being one of the top suppliers for the most luxurious Diamonds in the world. Their willingness to surpass industry standards to create a more beautiful Diamond is one of the many reasons we jewelry connoisseurs can’t get enough of their exquisite designs. Ready to add a stunning Forevermark Diamond to your jewelry collection? Visit Tara Fine Jewelry Company – Atlanta’s authorized dealer for Forevermark Diamonds – to see our extensive selection of Forevermark jewelry and luxury Swiss Watches. As a jeweler with over 30 years of experience, we recognize exceptional beauty and outstanding quality, so come visit our showroom today and see the impeccable, world-renown beauty of the forever brilliant Forevermark Diamond.

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