Forevermark Reveals a 104CT Diamond That Will Forever Mark History

For many Diamond enthusiasts, the idea of a 10, 15, even 20 carat Diamond seems too good to be true, but the Forevermark designer brand has somehow made our dreams come true! Recently, De Beers’ Forevermark announced that the largest Forevermark diamond in the world was unveiled at a press event in Hong Kong on September 3rd. While very few images of this outstanding Diamond have been seen, the details of this glorious Diamond are enough to make jewelry connoisseurs all over the world go crazy with excitement. The Forevermark brand is one of the most prestigious Diamond brands in the fashion world, making it exclusive to only the best jewelry retailers in the world, stores like Tara Fine Jewelry Company and other retailers that showcase the most luxurious fashion designs to date. Forevermark’s unmatched craftsmanship and exceptionally high standards for quality makes this 104CT Diamond not only one of the largest in the world, but arguably one of the most beautiful Diamonds to ever exist.

This unreal Diamond, weighed in at 104 carats, was cut and polished by master craftsmen Chow Tai Fook, an authorized Diamond Jeweler for Forevermark. According to Fook, the meticulous process of cutting and polishing such an exquisite Diamond took nearly three years to complete. While it might have required years of fine-tuning, Forevermark never compromised its Diamond criteria. In fact, this lavish stone was assessed at least five times to ensure that Forevermark’s strict beauty and symmetry requirements were achieved. This magnificent Diamond is a “D” color, internally flawless (DIF), round brilliant cut Diamond with the highest possible cut grade of 3-Excellent (excellent cut, polish and symmetry). Per Forevermark custom, the Diamond was inscribed with the Forevermark icon and an identification number. According to reports, the Diamond was given the inscription number 20090950755 to signify the recovery date (200909) and the carat weight (507.55) of the rough diamond that was originally discovered in Southern Africa.

So now that a Diamond of this magnitude has been discovered, what becomes of this marvelous beauty? Forevermark has set this impeccable stone in a jewelry piece entitled, “A Heritage in Bloom,” which was created by jewelry artist Wallace Chan. The piece can be worn in 27 different ways, which has a significance rooted in the Chinese concept of eternity, says Forevermark. The necklace unites an entire family of Diamonds cut from the same rough stone which was “an artistic decision unheard of in a contemporary piece.” This breath-taking necklace also brings together thousands of White Diamonds and hundreds of Pink Diamonds, totaling 383.4 carats, as well as more than one hundred pieces of Green Jadeite and Mutton White Jade. Needless to say, this outstanding Diamond found its place as a marvelous center stone to a remarkable piece of art.

While most of us cannot aim as high as a 104CT Diamond, we still have some of the world’s most beautiful Diamonds at our finger tips. Luxury jewelers like Tara Fine Jewelry Company, home to the best selection of Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings in Atlanta, offers you an extensive collection of Forevermark Diamonds and jewelry. Come visit your friends at Tara Fine Jewelry Company to marvel at our Forevermark Diamonds that exude luxurious beauty and outstanding quality, the two components of Forevermark’s eternal promise.

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