Catching Up With Roberto Coin

On Tara Fine Jewelry Company’s most recent buying trip, store owners Eddie Hazan and Buddy Anderson were thrilled to engage with world-renowned jewelry designer, Roberto Coin.  As one of Tara’s premier designers, it was a privilege for Eddie to spend a moment with this jewelry innovator to truly appreciate the genius behind the jewels.

Crowned as the Ambassador of Italian style in the world, Roberto Coin began his jewelry-producing company in 1977 as a servicer to other brands. However, in 1996 he brought his creative talents to the world of jewelry as his own brand and within 4 years was recognized as one of the top designers in the United States.

Along with officially being incorporated as a brand in 1996, Roberto Coin began to distinguish his already distinctive jewelry with a small signature ruby.  Embracing the legendary belief that wearing rubies close to the skin promotes long life, health, happiness, and peace, Roberto Coin wanted to send off his beautiful creations with a secret gift of good wishes for their new wearers.

Although Roberto Coin’s earliest creations were primarily of elaborate and fascinating weaves of gold, he soon began to engage colorful jewels in his designs.  “Continually experimenting with lights, shapes, and colors and exploring new interpretations of the most precious elements in the quest for unprecedented brilliance, Roberto Coin’s jewels are an exclusive mix of fantasy, intuition, creative exuberance, and aesthetic sensitivity. Fine jewelry creations are like works of art. Each piece is the result of a journey amongst cultures and multiethnic influences, between echoes from the past and projections into the future.”

Always remaining dedicated to ultimate creativity and inventiveness, as well as excellence in materials and fine craftsmanship, the Roberto Coin brand has been able to grow and expand its jewelry presence by quickly responding to jewelry trends and creatively interpreting these trends in new and exciting ways. Delivering the unexpected with jaw-dropping beauty and creativity has pushed Roberto Coin to the forefront of jewelry design and recognition.

Tara Fine Jewelry Company is thrilled to offer our customers the fabulously unique and dynamic world of Roberto Coin.  One truly must see these amazing creations to fully appreciate the artistry and extraordinary workmanship that is delivered in each piece from this outstanding designer.  We encourage you to see our Roberto Coin collection for yourself to see true modern-day mastery at work.


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