A Chance Encounter…

It was just an ordinary Saturday that turned extraordinary.

Chris Larson was planning on staying in and taking it easy.  Only after some persuasion from his friends did he finally agree to go out and leave his homemade perfectly cooked pizza to see a band at a local bistro.  It’s a good thing he went—ordinary changed to extraordinary.   This would be the night Chris met the love of his life.

Jackie Sundal, a bright, beautiful, and lively young school teacher was with her friend whom was struggling to take a picture of Jackie and the drummer. Luckily, Chris was there to offer his help.  As to not be too forward, he offered to email her the picture if she gave him her email address.

Who knew what chance and fate had in store for the two! After several months of emailing back and forth, Chris and Jackie were both delighted to find how much they have in common. They decided to meet for a date, and soon thereafter, fell very much in love.

July 16th 2012, exactly one year from the night they started dating, Chris proposed with a stunningly beautiful round brilliant cut engagement ring from Tara Fine Jewelry Company.  Scattered rose petals covered the water around their boat, created a picturesque evening as the sun gently set on Lake Lanier, the young couple’s favorite spot.

Looking at Chris and Jackie, you can see the sweet smile of love in their eyes, and know that they will be happy forever. We wish you both the very best of luck in this exciting time! May the years to come fill your lives with love and happiness.

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