TUDOR #BornToDare: a look into the luxury of TUDOR watches

If you don’t know much about the Swiss watch brand, TUDOR, then this post is for you. TUDOR is the younger sibling of Rolex, both companies started by Hans Wilsdorf, founder of Rolex. In fact, TUDOR is a sister company owned by the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation and was started in 1926. Hans aimed to provide a high-quality, affordable option within the Swiss watch market and allow Rolex to seek greater prestige. Early TUDOR watches combined Swiss movements with Rolex cases and bracelets to allow for similar reliability and dependability while reaching a more affordable price point than Rolex could achieve. This allowed Hans to realize his dream of a high-quality working man’s watch.

The TUDOR tradition continued after Hans Wilsdorf’s death, and in the 1940s, TUDOR watches could be purchased with the Rolex Oyster waterproof case. In the 1950s, the tradition of sharing Rolex parts and pieces continued as the Rolex self-winding movement, which became the Oyster Prince line, featuring the waterproof case with a self-winding watch with a power reserve, a remarkable technological achievement for its era.

TUDOR’s trustworthy, ruggedly built status earned it an excellent reputation in the professional diving and military communities. I have a friend who is a recently retired United States military, and he still wears his TUDOR watch daily. His watch has sustained nominal damage in the line of military service and had to be refurbished to like-new status by TUDOR’s experienced repair shop in Geneva, Switzerland. TUDOR has a long-standing history of military use and refurbishment, as referenced in this article and video.

The current TUDOR line sports the extremely popular Black Bay line. These watches range from 39mm-43mm cases and have a wonderful wrist presence, featuring great legibility, excellent lume for nighttime viewing, and enjoyable bezel and bracelet variations.

This series wears exceptionally comfortably. This could easily be a daily wear watch that denotes luxury, style, and reliability. Speaking of style, this watch is ever so flexible in situational wear. It has a casual but business-appropriate feel; it is comfortable in a business meeting without any feelings of inappropriateness. It works with casual wear as much as it does with a sports jacket. There are better options if you are going tailored suit or tuxedo, but the Tudor Black Bay series versatility will make it work.

For those looking for the ultimate diving watch and comfort, the TUDOR Pelagos series is the pinnacle of blending diving watch with design and functionality. This series is waterproof to 500 meters and features a TUDOR movement which is Chronometer certified and is self-winding. The Sapphire Crystal is a durably tough, transparent material made of crystallizing pure aluminum oxide at very high temperatures, making this extremely hard to scratch and exceptionally durable. The Pelagos also features a fantastic bracelet that can be adjusted during a dive, making wearing this watch in a wet suit on a deep dive a true joy. Not only that but this bracelet can be adjusted out of water. This is for those of us looking for an extra bit of comfort during a long workday. There is an automatic helium escape valve for those deep divers among us and even a version for those left-handed called LHD for Left Hand Drive. The LHD holds the winding stem position on the left of the case, which allows for wearing on the right wrist. This video showcases the Pelagos LHD in its #BorntoDare environment.

But even if you are not a deep diving aficionado, you can experience luxurious functionality, rugged durability, fantastic function, and exceptional comfort that you will find in no other watch. A true beauty to behold, stop by and experience TUDOR elegance, durability, and style at Tara Fine Jewelry Co. in Buford, Georgia.