Reasons why Mechanical Watches are so Beloved.

Reasons why Mechanical Watches are so Beloved.

Aesthetics and Craftsmanship:

There are many reasons why mechanical watches are so beloved.  Generally, advanced mechanical watches from a luxury brand are beautiful to behold, much more so than mid-range quartz watches.  Mechanical watches are the epitome of fine engineering. An advanced mechanical movement is made of hundreds of parts that have been meticulously assembled so that they can power the various functions of a watch. Therefore, wearing a mechanical watch means that you are wearing a piece of advanced engineering on your wrist, which has demanded many work hours to manufacture.

And the more expensive and rarer your choice of watch, the more advanced the mechanical movements tend to be, and thus the more fascinating the watch tends to become. Take a brand like Rolex, which its founder, Hans Wilsdorf, bucked the pocket watch trend believing in the convenience of having a watch on the wrist.  He went so far as to create the first waterproof watch, the Rolex Oyster.  Mechanical watches have stood the test of time. So, uniqueness, quality craftsmanship, and pure beauty should play a role in your watch purchase.  But what other factors should be considered in the purchase of a quality timepiece?

Value and Durability:

Value is the next thing that comes to mind when discussing watches.  When we see mid-level quartz watches come in for repair here at Tara Fine Jewelry Co, we get a chance to compare them to mechanical watches in our fine watch selection.  Check out the price of a 20-year old Rolex and see how much they are still selling for today.  Then check out my quartz Citizen Eco-Drive, which I bought in 2000 and is worth about $150.00 less than I bought it for, while repairs have cost me almost as much as the initial watch purchase and three months in the shop, not on my wrist.

But, in contrast, mechanical watches tend to continue running year after year and only need occasional servicing, like all pieces of mechanical engineering. When serviced, a mechanical watch can continue to run for centuries, and this is something that quartz watches can not ever compete with. While good mechanical watches tend to be more expensive, that’s because many working hours have gone into not only assembling the movement by a skilled watchmaker, but also the designing, innovating, and years of development of that particular movement. Decades are spent perfecting a timepiece. It truly is a piece of history and craftsmanship that you wear on your wrist. There is no contest to the value and durability of a quality mechanical watch.

So, in the end, Aesthetics, Craftsmanship, Value, and Durability are the real reasons why mechanical watches are so beloved and why they are indeed an excellent investment to yourself in the present and future.  Whether it is mechanical or automatic, stop by Tara Fine Jewelry Company in Buford, GA, today to let our staff help you find the right timepiece from brands such as Rolex, Tudor, and Tag Heuer, some of the best swiss-watches in the world.

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