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The Top 5 Bridal Jewelry Trends for A Modern Bride

For many of today’s modern brides, a beautiful wedding gown is just the beginning of a bride’s attire on her special day. Lavish flattering accessories are a must to truly make the bridal look one of a kind. With so many fashion tastes and styles, there are now countless ways to accessorize your wedding dress. Here at Tara Fine Jewelry Company, we are Atlanta’s jewelry store that studies the ins-and-outs of fashion, especially bridal jewelry and engagement rings. Just for you, we’ve now narrowed it down to the top 5 bridal jewelry trends that are sure to have you looking like a modern yet timeless bride!

Lariat Necklaces

Does your wedding dress have a plunging neckline or a low cut back? Most brides are now answering yes to this question. A deep, plunging neckline and/or back has become one of the fastest growing trends in the world of bridal fashion, so of course the jewelers at Tara had to find the perfect go-to accessory with these beloved dress styles. Our accessory of choice for these sexy wedding gowns? A Lariat Necklace! The dainty look of a Lariat Necklace brings a subtle touch of sparkle, while the elongated design perfectly matches the low cut and form-fitting style of the dress. So trendy and modern, this beautiful accessory beams elegance while screaming modern sex-appeal!

Threader Earrings

Even the most traditional bride wants something that’s different and unique just for her. If you’re looking for something to make you stand out, we’ve got just the thing. Try a pair of long and dramatic Threader Earrings! These stunning earring styles are the complete opposite of the Diamond Halo Earrings we mentioned earlier. Threader Earrings give a dainty, free-flowing look that screams fun and celebration. The unique design allows the earrings to pass effortlessly through your ears for a high-fashion look that will have all of your guests talking. Now if you’re going to sport these lavish accessories, you have to make sure you give them the spotlight they deserve. We suggest wearing a glamorous hairstyle where your hair is perfectly swept over your shoulder and held by a twinkling hair comb. This gives you a chic and elegant hairstyle that still shows off your new sexy Threader Earrings!

Rose Gold Jewelry

Can you guess the most popular wedding color of the decade? If you guessed pink you’re close, but if you guessed gold you’re even closer. The color everyone is including in their wedding palette is Rose Gold. Yes, people are trading in their conventional yellow gold or silver accents for the more modern and feminine look of Rose Gold. So if this distinct pink hue is found in your wedding décor, it should certainly be added to your beautiful wedding day attire. Wearing a necklace or bracelet of glittering Rose Gold is the perfect way to accentuate your wedding color while also incorporating your modern sense of style. Remember you’re special day is all in the details, and wearing this wonderful touch of color is sure to bring everything together!

Blue Sapphires

Of course every woman needs her something blue, and what’s more blue and radiant than a spectacular Blue Sapphire! A bride’s something blue is often subtle and personal, so we suggest something small like Sapphire Stud Earrings or even a Sapphire and Diamond Band to wear on your right hand. There are countless ways to add a special Blue Sapphire to your wedding day accessories. Just ask the jewelers here at Tara, and we’ll help craft the perfect something blue for you! The best part about sporting a Blue Sapphire on your wedding day is that after it’s over, you now have a keepsake of your special day and you have something blue and old to pass down to your daughter. Your beautiful something blue can easily become a treasured family heirloom that will forever carry with it stories of love, romance, and family!

Diamond Halo Stud Earrings

Most women have a pair of classic Diamond Stud Earrings, but for your wedding day you should never settle for ordinary. Top yourself with extraordinary and parade gorgeous Diamond Halo Stud Earrings on your wedding day! But since you’re probably looking to spend more money on the actual day itself, don’t feel the need to go buy a brand new pair of Diamond Halo Studs. You can always shop jewelry stores like Tara Fine Jewelry Company for beautiful Diamond Earring Jackets. We love sparkling Earring Jackets because they are a cheaper alternative that still promises you a glamorous Diamond Halo look. Halo Earring Jackets are perfectly crafted to infuse your much-adored Diamond Studs with a jacket designed to add a twinkling halo around your stud earring. Flaunting extravagant Diamond Halo Studs on your wedding day is sure to make you feel like an angelic Glamour Queen as you walk down the aisle!


As fashion fans and jewelry lovers, your friends here at Tara Fine Jewelry Company are ecstatic about these new bridal jewelry trends, and we can’t wait to show you our versions of these outstanding jewelry designs. So come visit our store in Buford – only three miles from the Mall of Georgia. We are home to the most beautiful fashion accessories, bridal jewelry, and wedding rings Atlanta has ever known. Get ready for your special day in a very special way and shop Tara Fine Jewelry Company in Buford, Atlanta’s beginning to happily ever after!

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