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3 Facts Every Rolex Owner Should Know

It is no secret that Rolex is in a stratosphere of its own! As the #1 watch brand in the world, Rolex has set itself apart from any other watch brand by producing the most efficient and luxurious timepiece on the market. In fact, it can be argued that Rolex watches have redefined the purpose of a wristwatch to be more than a mere timekeeper, and the Rolex experts at Tara Fine Jewelry Company would certainly agree.

As Atlanta’s authorized Rolex dealer, Tara Fine Jewelry Company is a prestigious jeweler that knows Rolex watches inside and out. Showcasing the best selection of Rolex watches in Atlanta and specializing in Rolex service and repair, Tara Fine Jewelry Company has uncovered several facts that every Rolex owner should know about their incredible timepiece and what truly makes the Rolex brand unlike any other in today’s watch world!

1. Rolex Steel is the Real Deal!

Steel comes in comes in various types and grades, but Rolex chose to produce their watches in 904L steel while all other watch brands are sticking to the 316L steel. Now why is Rolex adamant about using this top-graded Stainless Steel? In short, the look! This outstanding 904L steel is able to take – and hold – polishes incredibly well. Not only does this metal shine a little brighter, it will also last longer as the properties are much more resistant to rust and corrosion.

Now, we’re sure you’re asking: “Why haven’t other watch brands caught on to this newer, higher-end steel?” Well that’s because this remarkable stainless steel requires an expensive and highly advanced machine that most watch brands cannot acquire. Even for Rolex, switching to these highly advanced machines was a tedious process. The company had to replace most of their steel working machines and tools to deal with 904L steel – a well-worth it adjustment for this luxury brand but a change that most brands cannot afford.

Leave it to RoLex to go above and beyond just to make things extra shiny for you!

2. The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rolex Rainbow!

Rolex truly set themselves apart as the most luxurious watch brand in the world when they began making their own gold in-house. As the only watch manufacturer to do this, Rolex is able to guarantee their customers the highest quality in the materials used to produce one of their wristwatches. 24k Gold comes into the Rolex factory where it is turned into 18k Yellow, White, or Rolex’s signature Everose Gold. It is because Rolex controls the production and machining of their gold that they are able to strictly ensure the quality and look of these extraordinary materials. This hands-on production allowed the Rolex brand to create their own version of Rose Gold – a material that is sure to change the watch world and high fashion jewelry as we know it!

While Rose Gold might be the newest trend in today’s fashion world, it certainly has a down-side. Made from a mixture of pure gold and a cooper alloy, this pink gold metal will begin to change color overtime due to its copper-based properties. So that beautiful rosy pink color you fell in love with will gradually change into its original yellow gold state. However, Rolex has figured out a way to beat this color change. So innovative and revolutionary, the Rolex brand created its own version of Rose Gold called “Everose Gold.” This unique gold metal carries the same properties as regular rose gold with a pinch of Platinum mixed in, allowing for the Everose Gold metal to never fade or change color. In other words, Rolex has invented the sole Rose Gold metal that can last for a lifetime and then some.

3. One Year, One Rolex, It’s All the Same!

Now most people would assume that a watch company that sells millions of timepieces a year would have shortcuts and tricks on how to cut down production time, but that’s not the Rolex Way! Rolex is proud that each and every watch takes a full year to create; that means that they have taken their time to produce a world-class, unmatched timepiece for their customers. Due to the numerous watch parts, the intricate assembling process, and the strenuous testing done for every watch, Rolex believes it is best to do things the most precise way possible, even if it takes an entire year to do. When it comes to creating perfection, there are no shortcuts. This is what makes Rolex different from all other watch brands in the world!

Knowing all of these facts, aren’t you proud to be a Rolex owner! If you’ve fallen in love with Rolex all over again, why not treat yourself to another extraordinary Rolex watch from Atlanta’s Rolex dealer, Tara Fine Jewelry Company. As an authorized Rolex dealer, Tara can offer any and every style of Rolex watches. If the Rolex factory makes it, Tara can offer it. So shop the best selection of Rolex Watches in Atlanta – Tara Fine Jewelry Company, Atlanta’s Rolex Watch experts!

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