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Years ago, investing was thought to be a businessman’s game. “Investing” was about taking teeth-chattering risks in hopes that one day that risk would pay off in a big way, but did you know that investing could be fun? Not only fun, but it could also be fashionable, luxurious, and ever-so sparkly! According to Time Magazine’s Money, your brand new Rolex watch – fresh out the box – is an investment that is sure to pay off in years to come.

Stores like Tara Fine Jewelry Company – Atlanta’s authorized Rolex dealer – have been in business for years, becoming a success by supplying beautiful Swiss timepieces and fine jewelry to Metro-Atlanta. Never would this jewelry store in Buford, Georgia have thought that they would play the role as banker, and yet they have become just that. As Rolex continues to be enthroned as the King of Swiss-Watch brands, each and every person that purchases a Rolex timepiece is making an investment with nearly zero risk.

So how exactly is a watch an investment? What makes a Rolex Watch the best investment amongst timepieces? Why would there even be a great pay out for a watch? Well let’s take some time and think about this…

First, an investment is defined as the action of expending money with the expectation of achieving a profit. Most people do not buy a watch – or any accessory for that matter – for the sole purpose of obtaining a profit, and neither should you. Your Rolex should be an item that you absolutely adore; something you hate taking off before bed and something you’re ecstatic to wear in the morning. But unlike most of your accessories, your beloved Rolex Watch can give you a great profit in nearly 20-30 years. Adam Craniotes, a watch writer, collector, and founder of Red Bar, a group of watch aficionados, states that “[Rolex is] the only brand that is able to maintain the high resale value with the majority of its products.” He also explains that a “vintage Rolex—and now vintage Tudor, ‘the working man’s Rolex’—are the best game in town if you’re looking for an investment-grade [timepiece].” So even if you’re not looking to buy a brand new Rolex Watch, buying a vintage edition or a pre-owned – soon to be vintage – Rolex, is a great way to get a little extra change from your “watch investment.”

It’s no secret that Rolex is the most popular watch brand in the world, but what makes Rolex timepieces the best watch investment when there are so many other notable Swiss-watch brands out there? Many believe that part of Rolex’s success is that they have kept their product lines small. Hearing the names “Daytona” or “Submariner” even “Pearlmaster” makes you think Rolex, and with these models being household names, they have remained popular and significant in the fashion world. But it’s more than just a name, Rolex makes beautiful, quality timepieces that can last for decades. Tara Fine Jewelry Company proudly attests that Rolex timepieces will continue to showcase world-class precision as long as the owner continues the upkeep and maintenance of their watch. There is no timetable for how long a Rolex timepiece can last, which means there’s no limit to how much profit you can obtain as your watch continues to grow older. With Rolex’s consistency in the fashion industry and its ability to last for years to come, it is safe to say that Rolex is the top dog when it comes to watch investments.

Each year millions of people enjoy sporting their exceptional Rolex timepieces, but just because something is popular does not make it a wise investment. So what ensures that a Rolex is a good investment? Can there really be a great pay off for a simple wristwatch? The answer: yes! Paul Altieri is a watch expert and the CEO of a leading vintage and pre-owned Rolex dealer called “Bob’s Watches.” Altieri explains: “After 20 or 30 years [a Rolex watch] starts to appreciate gradually in value—that’s what’s happened to almost all Rolex watches.” As Rolex continues to create new, more advanced timepieces, they eventually stop producing the older versions of a particular model. This soon creates a limited supply of older Rolex timepieces; and when you take great demand with limited supplies, that equals a higher selling price for you. So while you might not be able to gain a great profit from your brand new Rolex timepiece today, eventually it will hit a mark and be labeled as a rare, vintage Rolex. On the day you decide it’s time to cash in and sell your now vintage timepiece, the departure will be bittersweet… until you see the great pay out. Then, it will be mostly sweet!

The one aspect of a Rolex investment that is different than any other investment you could make is that it is 100% stress and risk free. Why? Because buying a Rolex isn’t about getting a return on your investment or having to lock it away in storage never to see the light of day. Your Rolex Watch is meant to be enjoyed here and now! So rock your Rolex Datejust on that girls trip to Vegas, and sport your Rolex Explorer as you walk your daughter down the aisle. A Rolex investment is meant to be a joyous investment!

Thinking about investing again or maybe making your first Rolex purchase? Visit Tara Fine Jewelry Company to see our fabulous Rolex selection. As an authorized Rolex dealer, there is no Rolex timepiece we can’t offer you. Your options are endless. Make your Rolex investment personal, and visit Tara Fine Jewelry Company today.

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