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Forevermark Reveals a 104CT Diamond That Will Forever Mark History

(9-15-15) For many Diamond enthusiasts, the idea of a 10, 15, even 20 carat Diamond seems too good to be true, but the Forevermark designer brand has somehow made our dreams come true! Recently, De Beers’ Forevermark announced that the largest Forevermark diamond in the world was unveiled at a press event in Hong Kong on September 3rd. While very few images of this outstanding Diamond have been seen, the details of this glorious Diamond are enough to make jewelry connoisseurs all over the world go crazy with excitement. The Forevermark brand is one of the most prestigious Diamond brands in the fashion world, making it exclusive to only the best jewelry retailers in the world, stores like Tara Fine Jewelry Company and other retailers that showcase the most luxurious fashion designs to date. Forevermark’s unmatched craftsmanship and exceptionally high standards for quality makes this 104CT Diamond not only one of the largest in the world, but arguably one of the most beautiful Diamonds to ever exist.

This unreal Diamond, weighed in at 104 carats, was cut and polished by master craftsmen Chow Tai Fook, an authorized Diamond Jeweler for Forevermark. According to Fook, the meticulous process of cutting and polishing such an exquisite Diamond took nearly three years to complete. While it might have required years of fine-tuning, Forevermark never compromised its Diamond criteria. In fact, this lavish stone was assessed at least five times to ensure that Forevermark’s strict beauty and symmetry requirements were achieved. This magnificent Diamond is a “D” color, internally flawless (DIF), Round Brilliant Cut Diamond with the highest possible cut grade of 3-Excellent (excellent cut, polish and symmetry). Per Forevermark custom, the Diamond was inscribed with the Forevermark icon and an identification number. According to reports, the Diamond was given the inscription number 20090950755 to signify the recovery date (200909) and the carat weight (507.55) of the rough diamond that was originally discovered in Southern Africa.

So now that a Diamond of this magnitude has been discovered, what becomes of this marvelous beauty? Forevermark has set this impeccable stone in  a jewelry piece entitled, “A Heritage in Bloom,” which was created by jewelry artist Wallace Chan. The piece can be worn in 27 different ways, which has a significance rooted in the Chinese concept of eternity, says Forevermark. The necklace unites an entire family of Diamonds cut from the same rough stone which was “an artistic decision unheard of in a contemporary piece.” This breath-taking necklace also brings together thousands of White Diamonds and hundreds of Pink Diamonds, totaling 383.4 carats, as well as more than one hundred pieces of Green Jadeite and Mutton White Jade. Needless to say, this outstanding Diamond found its place as a marvelous center stone to a remarkable piece of art.

While most of us cannot aim as high as a 104CT Diamond, we still have some of the world’s most beautiful Diamonds at our finger tips. Luxury jewelers like Tara Fine Jewelry Company, home to the best selection of Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings in Atlanta, offers you an extensive collection of Forevermark Diamonds and jewelry. Come visit your friends at Tara Fine Jewelry Company to marvel at our Forevermark Diamonds that exude luxurious beauty and outstanding quality, the two components of Forevermark’s eternal promise.


 Extraordinary Pearl Breaks World Record

   'The world is your oyster. It's up to you to find the pearls.’ 

(5-24-14) There’s no telling how big the oyster was that housed the astonishing pearl that recently came up for auction with the British Auction House, Woolley and Wallis, but let’s just say it would have had to have been much like an oyster warehouse to have accommodated this remarkable pearl.  The extraordinary pearl that was presented for the May auction is the largest natural pearl to come up for sale in the last 50 years and certainly one of the largest pearls ever in existence. The amazing pearl in question measures 16.5 mm by 17.4 mm, weighs 33.15 cts., and is a natural saltwater pearl.

Although this spherical/near-spherical saltwater pearl was modestly estimated to bring in auction amounts of possibly £80,000-120,000 (US$130,000-200,000), after a frenzy of phone and floor bids, the final gavel came down at a world record amount of £811,000 equivalent to US$ 1,368,075.

This extremely rare pearl was originally given to a Lady from her husband as a pair of pearl earrings.  At the time it was fashionable to wear large pearls, and she found herself occasionally pulling them out for special events.  Eventually, the earrings were put in safekeeping and were mostly overlooked until they were recently rediscovered.  The couple decided it was worthwhile to have the earrings looked at by a professional who could evaluate their value.  After being directed to Woolley and Wallis’ jewelry expert, Jonathan Edwards, he carefully examined the two large round pearl drop-earrings. Subsequently, Edwards said, “I thought there was a difference between the two because one had an outer layer of about one millimeter thick, but the other seemed to be solid. It is very difficult to tell if a pearl is cultured or natural by looking at it and you can never be 100 percent sure unless you have it X-rayed.”  Tests from the Swiss Gemological Institute (SSEF) as well as the Gem and Pearl Laboratory of London confirmed that indeed one of the large pearls was a rare natural pearl, an ‘orient of pearls with weak rose color and green overtones’.

To appreciate the rarity of such a large pearl one would have to understand the source a bit better. “Experts speculate, that given the enormous size of the pearl with a longest and shortest diameter of 16.51 mm and 17.44 mm respectively, the oyster that produced the pearl should be equally enormous to accommodate the growing pearl within its tissues. Such an oyster species which can produce such enormous pearls is Pinctada maxima, which can grow to a maximum diameter of 30 cm (12 inches). Pinctada maxima commonly known as the South Sea Pearl Oyster, occurs in nature as two possible varieties, the silver-lipped pearl oyster and the golden-lipped pearl oyster, that produces pearls with a range in size from 9 mm to 20 mm. The silvery-white color of the pearl with pink overtones is characteristic of pearls produced by the silver-lipped pearl oyster. Experts also believe, that the pearl would have grown inside the silver-lipped pearl oyster for at least ten years to reach such an enormous size.” Internet Stones.COM      To that oyster we say thank you for all the hard work.  You did a beautiful job!


Forevermark Honored with a Good Award from the Diamond Empowerment Fund

By Forevermark

Forevermark received 2014's Good Award from the Diamond Empowerment Fund (D.E.F.), an international non-profit organization dedicated to supporting children’s education initiatives in Africa. Forevermark global CEO Stephen Lussier accepted the award and announced the launch of the Forevermark Promise Scholarship program with D.E.F. “With an aligned mission of bringing sustainable benefits to the people and communities in diamond producing nations in Africa, our partnership with D.E.F. will help us further deliver on our commitment to responsible sourcing,” said Lussier.

Students from D.E.F.’s three beneficiaries, African Leadership Academy, Botswana Top Achievers Program and CIDA City Campus, will be supported through their academic journey through the Forevermark Promise Scholars Program. “This partnership is an effective way for Forevermark and D.E.F. to provide scholarships to young emerging leaders exemplifying the good that diamonds can do,” says D.E.F. President Phyllis Bergman.


Courts Decide What's In A Name For Jewelry Giant

(4-19-14)   “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, the classic 1961 movie that brought Audrey Hepburn into the spotlight and made the Fifth Avenue retailer a household name, is now embroiled in more publicity, but this time of a legal nature.  The renowned luxury jeweler, known for its famous “blue boxes” and high price tag luxury jewelry, has become so well known that they are in jeopardy of becoming generic!  Although the store’s name is branded, its iconic 6 prong simple engagement ring setting, commonly referred to as a “tiffany setting” is now in the throngs of a court battle on just how loosely one can use the term “tiffany”.  When a major national discount store openly referred to its own store brand ring as a “tiffany” ring, the New York mainstay was compelled to bring down the gavel on claims of trademark infringement.  To their disappointment, the courts are currently of the mindset that the Tiffany name may have fallen into the same branding pothole as giants, Kleenex, Jello, Chapstick and Windex.  Perhaps flattering, but ultimately a marketing nightmare, slipping into the realm of generic products welcomes ones name into people’s every day lives, but it leaves the uncertainty of what is actually being brought into the house bearing that name.  Buyer beware!

Please note that Tara Fine Jewelry Company refers to its jewelry settings according to their description, be it a 4 prong or 6 prong setting.  We have unique looks that we like to imagine one day falling into such household popularity that they could become the “Tara” look, but until then we will adhere to using common descriptions to describe our jewelry.  Ultimately, It is our never-ending goal to always have the Tara Fine Jewelry Company name be synonymous with quality, style, beauty and honesty.


Celebrate Brazil's World Cup with a Pele Hair Diamond

(4-12-14) Home to two of the world’s greatest athletic events, the busy Brazilians are gearing up for the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics.  But one of Brazil’s most celebrated citizens and most accomplished “football” players, Pele, is busy creating an unequivocally unique souvenir that offers uber fans the ultimate piece of the action.  As Brazil’s all-time leading goal scorer from 1956-1974, Pele, also referred to as “a soccer god” “The King of Football”, “The Black Pearl”, “The King Pele”, “The King”, or just simply Brazil’s national treasure, has commissioned a Brazilian jeweler to create 1283 statuettes of himself each fashioned with a one carat diamond manufactured from Pele’s own hair! 

Yes, Pele is now in the business of hair diamonds!  Certainly at some point everyone's said they'd like to be able to get inside someone’s head, but it’s a whole other matter to take what’s on someone’s head and chemically induce it to become a whole other piece of matter.

By subjecting Pele’s treasured strands of hair to the high temperature, high pressure, HTHP, process, his personal carbon is extracted and artificially put through the same procedure that closely mimics a diamond’s natural geological formation.  Almost magically—you have a hair diamond!

Now, for $7500 you can truly have a piece of Pele beautifully encapsulated in a bright shiny one carat diamond.  To commemorate each of the 1283 goals he scored in his professional football career, these statuettes will be offered in a gold-plated box featuring Pele -- born Edson Arantes do Nascimento -- on the pitch scoring a goal.  Finally, the ultimate bobble-head for lucky fans with deep pockets!

As a side note we at Tara Fine Jewelry Company want you to know that we love hearing stories of people celebrating the most important moments of their life with jewelry, but please be assured, our most honored customers, that all of our diamonds are natural and will always remain that way!

Please also know that the information obtained for this news article comes from the Brazilian perspective!  Here in the south, we know that a real football is oblong shaped and made out of pigskin leather.  We also know that if you refer to “The King” in this part of the country that he will be playing a guitar and not wearing cleats!  Just sayin


Pope Paul VI's Pectoral Cross and Ring go up for Auction on Ebay

(4-5-14)   This sounds more like the beginning for a funny punch line; but what do stunt dare-devil Evel Knievel, recipient of the Guinness Book of World Records holder for the person to survive the “most broken bones in a lifetime” and Pope Paul VI have in common?  Who would have guessed that these 2 individuals both at one time owned the same pectoral cross originally given to Pope Pius XII signifying his rise in rank during his reign as pope from 1939-1958?  This same 7 inch bejeweled cross was later handed down to Pope Paul VI who viewed the item as a symbol of Catholic triumphalism, a concept he was intent on de-emphasizing.  Therefore, he later donated the valuable cross encrusted with 60 carats of diamonds that range in size from 3.00-8.66 carats along with Columbian emeralds during a 1965 visit to the United Nations. He intended the items to be auctioned and the proceeds used to relieve human suffering. They were bought in 1967 for $64,000 by Chicago jeweler Harry Levinson, with the money being split among four UN agencies.

After changing hands a number of times, including a stint with dare-devil Evel Knievel, a New York firm tried to sell the one-of-a-kind pectoral cross for $1.25 million, but they were unsuccessful.  Now a Wilmington, N.C. widow has enlisted the help of local jeweler, Alan Perry, to help her sell the cross and an additional papal ring that her husband acquired in 1970.  The store has kept the ring and cross under tight security, but it will be available for public viewing during holy week under the watchful eye of armed guards.  After that the cross and ring will be listed on Ebay where they anticipate fetching somewhere between $800,000-$900,000.

After changing hands a number of times, including a stint with dare-devil Evel Knievel, a New York firm tried to sell the one-of-a-kind pectoral cross for $1.25 million, but they were unsuccessful.  Now a Wilmington, N.C. widow has enlisted the help of local jeweler, Alan Perry, to help her sell the cross and an additional papal ring that her husband acquired in 1970.  The store has kept the ring and cross under tight security, but it will be available for public viewing during holy week under the watchful eye of armed guards.  After that the cross and ring will be listed on Ebay where they anticipate fetching somewhere between $800,000-$900,000.


Rummage Sale Find Unearths $33 Million Faberge Egg              

(3-28-14)  What seemed to be a way to make $500.00 has turned into a historic find for an anonymous Midwestern metal scrapper looking for a way to turn a profit.  Now this gentleman is being credited with obtaining one of the most elusive treasures of modern time.

While recognizing the intrinsic value of a 3.2 inch golden egg adorned with cabochon blue sapphires and a rose cut diamond found at a local rummage sale, an unsuspecting metal collector scraped up the egg’s $14,000.00 asking price in anticipation of receiving even more money for the melt-down value of the egg and its golden stand.  But soon after, realizing he might have overestimated the materials’ value of his golden egg, the scrap collector desperately turned to the internet looking for other potential value.

Beyond belief this gentleman’s little golden egg matched Google photos of the Third Imperial Easter Egg made by Faberge for the Russian royal family.  The egg on the brink of being melted down for scrap in the U.S. had all the markings of Tsar Alexander III's 1887 Easter gift to his wife, Tsarina Maria Feodorovna.

After flying to England to meet with Faberge expert, Kieran McCarthy, confirmation was made that indeed this rummage sale find was unveiled to be one of the 7 missing jeweled eggs from the revered 50 Faberge Easter egg collection.  McCarthy fondly recalled the surprise visit that brought to light this sensational find!

"A gentleman had walked in wearing jeans, a plaid shirt and trainers. His mouth was just dry with fear," McCarthy said, to the extent that he could barely speak. "He handed me a portfolio of photographs, and there was the egg, the Holy Grail of art and antiques."

The historic collection of jeweled eggs was originally commissioned as gifts for the royal family’s wives and mothers as gifts for Easter.  Taking over a year to craft, these unique and fanciful eggs were treasured for their fine craftsmanship and one-of-a-kind beauty.

Now this Holy Grail is being valued at $33 million!  A true fairy-tale find!  The egg was recently sold to a collector where it will be put on display for a short time and then retired from public viewing!


A Heart of Gold

Behind every diamond’s facets and sparkle often lay stories of love, generosity, sacrifice or perhaps even loss. This week just such a story surfaced and now that it has been revealed, we hope its message of love will be passed on for many to hear.

Tragically, 40 year old actor, Paul Walker, was killed this week in a fiery crash.  Many fans have tweeted, posted and shared their sentiments of shock and grief, but surfacing from these words of mourning is also a heart-warming story that speaks to Walker’s generous spirit.

According to CBS Los Angeles, former jewelry store clerk, Irene King has revealed a story that she has kept secret for over a decade.  The setting is a Bailey Banks and Biddle Jewelry store in Santa Barbara, California and begins with an associate nudging King saying, “There’s Paul Walker.”  “Oh, OK, yeah,” King said with a smile. “I said, ‘Yeah, he’s a nice-looking man.’”

“The Fast and the Furious” star was shopping in the store at the same time as a soldier who had just returned from his first tour of duty in Iraq. The soldier was due to head back overseas and was shopping with his fiancée for an engagement ring.

“She saw something that she really, really liked, but he said, ‘Honey, I can’t afford that,’” King said.

That “something” was a $10,000 engagement set, King said. Walker had overheard the conversation.

“He called the manager and said, ‘Umm, the ring that those people are looking at – put it on my tab,’” King remembered. “Soon after that, he just left.”

Although the young couple wanted to thank whoever had afforded them the ring of their dreams, the store would only say that the individual who gave it to them wanted to remain anonymous. So even though the couple had always suspected that the handsome young actor was the generous bestower of their gorgeous wedding set, it was not until Walker’s death this week that it was confirmed. 

So through the gift of this wonderful diamond ring a story of generosity emerges, but also the spirit of giving is reconfirmed for those in need and the need to give for those who have sacrificed for our country has surfaced.

It’s the story of how a heart of gold was born out of the gift of a diamond.  May its legacy shine as long as the diamond at its heart.


Auction Reports Record Sale of a Rolex Daytona for $1.1 Million

Earlier this week Christie’s International Auction in Geneva reported a record sale of a Daytona Rolex for almost $1.16 million.  The 1969 stainless steel Paul Newman model fetched the highest price ever at auction for a Daytona Rolex.  Paul Newman who devoted himself to car racing when he wasn’t acting, wore a Daytona in the 1970s and that model has forevermore been associated with his name. Partly because the early Daytona models are so scarce, and partly because Paul Newman’s own fame brought recognition to the brand, collectors are in eager search and willing to pay top dollar for just the right models.

The iconic Daytona Chronograph was launched in 1963 as a “Cosmograph” and was dedicated to the rigors and requirements of race care driving.  Legibility was the foremost factor that drove the design of the Cosmograph.  The innovative new style was based on the quick readability of measurements and digits.  With the new chronograph the dial counters stood out clearly thanks to the boldly contrasting colors of black on a light dial or light on a black dial. With the sporty look of the 1963 Daytona the tachymetric scale – a graduation used to help compute speed based on how long it takes to travel a fixed distance, was moved from the dial to a more prominent position on the circumference of the bezel.   Striking and clearly displaying its technical functions, the Daytona Rolex was easily recognizable as a timepiece that held its place on the track.

Although a true sportsman would have readily appreciated the technology and ingenuity of these early model chronographs, the going price was as little as $300.00.  Imagine that less than 50 years later a Daytona Rolex sold for over a million dollars.  That’s an investment that one rarely finds in a current day portfolio.

This year, 2013, marks the 50th anniversary of the ground-breaking Cosmograph, and Rolex is commemorating the iconic 1963 watch with a new prestigious version of the Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona.  One of the most striking designs Rolex has ever introduced, this 950 platinum Daytona still adheres to the high contrast dials, but has conceptualized the color distinctions with a rich chestnut brown cerachrom bezel set against a glacier ice blue dial.  The tachymetric scale has maintained its excellence as the ideal instrument to measure speeds of up to 400 miles per hour, and the numerals and graduations are even more distinctive due to the introduction of a thin layer of platinum through a process known as PVD or Physical Vapor Deposition.

As an authorized Rolex distributor Tara Fine Jewelry Company is excited to be one of the few authorized dealers to showcase the phenomenal 2013 Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona.  Extraordinary in its design and yet truly functional with accuracy to within 1/8 of a second, this visually stunning Daytona is the quintessential Rolex for watch aficionados and collectors alike.  As a family heirloom this timepiece is priceless.  As an investment the potential is limitless as to what this special edition Rolex might realize years down the road.  Who would have known that a $300.00 Rolex would bring over a million dollars in just 44 years?  Come to Tara Fine Jewelry Company to see if this commemorative Daytona Rolex is the perfect piece to slip into your investment portfolio.  The biggest payoff to buying the Platinum Daytona is that you can wear your incredible Rolex now and look like a million bucks before you even have to wait to cash in on any of the profits later.  Now that’s payoff you can enjoy every day!    


Nineteenth Century Watch Fetches $2.25 Million at U.S. Auction

A 115-year-old Patek Philippe pink-gold calendar watch fetched $2.25 million in a day-long sale, nearly double the expected price, Christie's auction house said.

The 18-karat, open-face watch, manufactured by the famed Swiss watchmaker in 1898, had been estimated to fetch up to $1.5 million during sale on Tuesday, but enthusiastic bidding by collectors from some 30 countries drove the price to $2,251,750 including commission.

Christie's said the buyer was an American private collector. Top bids at "Christie's Important Watches" sale, which totaled $7.9 million, came almost exclusively from American and Asian collectors.

The price was not a record, but was the most expensive watch Christie's had ever sold at its New York headquarters, and the highest-priced watch at auction this year.  It also set a record for one of the noted watchmaker's multi-featured "Grand Complication" timepieces.

"This spring, the market continued to yield record-breaking totals across salerooms in Geneva, Hong Kong and New York and we look forward to continued success in the fall season," said Douglas Escribano, Christie's' head of sales for watches.The watch includes a perpetual calendar and moon phases, split-second chronograph and "grande and petite sonnerie," the French term for quarter and hourly striking mechanisms.

Watches, along with other luxury items such as fine art, wine and even cars, continue to draw escalating prices, especially at the highest echelons of the auction market.

Christie's did not identify the seller of the watch, known as the "Stephen S. Palmer Patek Philippe Grand Complication No. 97912" after its original owner, an industrialist who died in 1913.

Last November, an Asian collector bought a platinum chronograph Patek Philippe once owned by guitarist Eric Clapton for more than $3.6 million, while a Patek Philippe supercomplication watch soared to more than $11 million in 1999.

Fine Swiss watches are not only fashionable, they are a good investment!


George Clooney & Stacy Keibler Stun at the 70th Annual Golden Globes as She Flaunts Forevermark Diamond Earrings and a Diamond Ring!

Forevermark, the diamond brand that comes with a promise of beauty, rarity and responsibly-sourced diamonds from theDe Beers group of companies, appeared on the red carpet at the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards, most notably on nominee Hayden Panettiere (Nashville), actress Jacki Weaver (Silver Linings Playbook), Stacy Keibler , and style expert George Kotsiopoulos .

As attendees arrived on the red carpet, diamond jewelry trends quickly emerged in the form of timeless pieces that created feminine and classic moments. Large diamond earrings and statement diamond rings were the go-to pairing for Hollywood's biggest actresses donning glitzy gowns. Many stars chose to don a simple diamond bangle or line bracelet.
The halo diamond trend has proved red carpet worthy once again.  The Forevermark "Center of My Universe" design concept, which debuted at the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards last fall, is still a popular pick amongst celebrities, with Pannettiere choosing a Center of My Universe look from ear to finger and Kotsiopolos reporting from the red carpet in a custom-designed Center of My Universe tie pin.  Whether a nominee or simply part of the Golden Globe experience, stars wearing Forevermark diamonds were in the spotlight.

Red Diamond Sells for $2.1M, Sets Auction Record

New York--Christie’s New York saved one of the best for last on Monday December 10, 2012. The final lot of the fall auction season, a 3.15-carat fancy reddish-orange diamond, sold for $2.1 million, setting new world records for both a reddish-orange diamond at auction and the price-per carat for that particular hue at $666,200.

A member of the U.S. trade purchased the circular-cut stone, paying nearly double its high pre-sale estimate of $1.2 million.


'Archduke Joseph' Diamond Fetches Record $21.47 Million

The flawless 'Archduke Joseph" diamond, from India's famous Golconda mines, broke several world records when it was sold at auction in Geneva late Tuesday for $21.47 million!

The price that the 76-carat jewel fetched at the Christie's sale is a record for the auction of a clear, colorless diamond.

It is also the highest auction price per carat for such a gem and the record for a Golconda diamond, the same mines which produced the Koh-i-Noor, which adorns the British Queen's crown.

"It's a cushion-shaped diamond, weighing 76.02 carats, of D color" the purest, most colorless variety of diamond, a rarity and a speciality of the ancient Golconda mines in the Indian state of Andhra Paradesh, said Christie's jewelry expert Jean-Marc Lunel.

The 'Archduke Joseph,' was bought by an anonymous bidder believed to reside in the Northern portion of Gwinnett County, located in the state of Georgia USA.

It takes its name from the Archduke Joseph (1872-1962) who was for a short period the Hungarian head of state.

The diamond was sold in 1936 to a still-anonymous buyer and, hidden in a safe, escaped the attentions of the Nazis during the Second World War.

It reappeared on the international scene at a sale in London in 1961.

In the 1990s it was sold again, in Geneva, for $6.5 million.

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